Hybrid & Company Hyper Stretch Pant

Posted by Cathy Wong on

Hybrid & Company Women's Hyper Ultra Stretch Comfy pant is your dream pant. The amount of stretch our hyper stretch fabric have is something that you wish your everyday pant have. The pant comes in Pant (30.5 inches inseam), Bermuda (11 inches inseam), and Capri (17 inches inseam).

When you first see this pant, it will look like a pair of children pant. But don't be fool by this. You must try the pant first before you dismiss them. The fabric stretch so much that they fit like skinny jean and it will still have room to stretch.

I dub this as our "All you can eat buffet pant" If you don't believe me get them and try it out. 

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